New dynamic green fee pricing: Starting this season you’ll notice some cool changes in the green fee rates you have available to you. Yes…the future of green fee pricing has arrived at the Whistler Golf Club. You might know the concept of “dynamic pricing” through your experience with booking other products and services such as flights, hotel rooms, sporting events, rental cars and more. Businesses who provide these kinds of services have been utilizing dynamic pricing for years, and the same pricing model has now reached the golf industry.

How it works: Our green fee rates will be adjusted in real-time, at all times of the day, based on demand, weather and other factors. This means you can choose the rate, day, and time of day that best suits your needs. Yes, the most popular days of the week and times of day will see a slight increase when times are booked close in, but you also have the opportunity to find times that offer more value.

Book early and save: As always, the earlier you reserve your tee time, the more you save. If you want the best time on the most popular day of the summer, you can lock in the best rate by booking well in advance. Dynamic pricing can also work for last minute tee times as well if you’re able to be flexible.

We’re looking forward to this new system, but we are also looking forward to hearing from you as we roll it out. Send us your feedback and let us know how we’re doing.


Par 4, 13th. “Bear Island”